Emily Owens, M.D. has been given a do not resuscitate order. Or, if you aren’t a fan of medical terms, it’s been cancelled. The only real surprise here is how long it took the CW to pull the plug on the low-rated and poorly reviewed medical drama.

In spite of the heavy screen cred that comes with being the daughter of Meryl Street, star Mamie Gummer wasn’t able to breathe enough life into the series, or bring in enough viewers. The show debuted to low ratings in October and - even with an upswing in the ratings recently - was never able to gain a real foothold. The series, which aired its sixth episode last night, has been losing about 40 percent of the lead-in from Hart of Dixie, and averaging about 1.4 million viewers, says TV Line.

Not that we would ever say I told you so, but Emily Owens, M.D. was our prediction for the show least likely to succeed earlier this fall. A drama about a young doctor who discovers her career in a hospital reminds her quite a bit of being in high school may have had a chance on a network like the CW, but the stiff competition from other established shows in the timeslot and the lack of real star power (Mamie Gummer may be the daughter of a famous actress, but that doesn’t mean she has the same pull) were likely, as we guessed, factors in the show’s demise.

For the record, that makes 3 out of our bottom 5 new series axed. It looks like it might be Mob Doctor that goes down next. Fox announced the air dates for the final 4 episodes of that series today, according to EW, and hasn't ordered any more, but also hasn't yet made anything official.

The CW will still air the remaining episodes of Emily Owens, finishing out the 13-episode season.

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