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The Emmys are a chance for the casts of TV shows to get recognized for their hard work, of course, but just as often they become opportunities for egos to rear their ugly heads. Remember when Katherine Heigl refused to submit her name for consideration because she "hadn't been given sufficient material to warrant a nomination"? Or when Eva Longoria was the only Desperate Housewives cast member not to get a nomination the first year? You know that just led to all kinds of tension on the set.

But not only is Modern Family the show far more cuddly and fun than either of those soapy shows, the cast is apparently more adorable as well. Taking the lead of Ed O'Neill, by far the most famous cast member, apparently the entire cast will be submitting themselves in supporting acting categories, rather than face the awkwardness of one or two cast members being singled out in lead categories. As Deadline put it, O'Neill didn't feel that anyone was bigger than anyone else "in a show that is evolving into a true ensemble hit," and the rest of the cast feels the same.

I gotta say it-- this might be more adorable than the episode when Luke broke his arm and the entire family was there to fawn over him in the hospital. I love Modern Family, and I love that the entire cast seems as level-headed and agreeable as their characters are nuts. Obviously this means some of them will be left out of the nominations-- I'd expect Julie Bowen's Claire to be overlooked in favor of Sofia Vergara's more flamboyant Gloria-- but if the show is on as long as it deserves to be, there will be time for everyone to be recognized.

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