Episodes, the hit BBC 2 show that airs on Showtime in the U.S., is getting a Season 1 and Season 2 release. Honestly, however, the whole thing seems a little awkward. Episodes: The Complete First & Second Seasons will be released just after the holiday, so it won’t make for a very good gift. That’s the lesser concern. The set will also be inconvenient for fans look for one season or the other, and will only come in DVD copies.

The latter is especially discomfiting, as critically acclaimed shows generally get the Blu-ray treatment nowadays, and, if anything, Episodes earns pretty good reviews on this side of the pond. The program follows a writing team who moves to the U.S. after writing a successful British series, and hopes a remake of the show can find equal success in the States. Unfortunately, the network has different plans, and Matt LeBlanc ends up starring in the series, causing problems for the writing team from the very start.

DVD copies of Episodes: The Complete First & Second Seasons will be available beginning on January 8, 2013. There’s no full list of bonus features for the set, yet. However, TV Shows on DVD is reporting that DVD copies will at least come with biographies and a photo gallery. Additionally, all 16 episodes of the series that have been produced thus far will be available with the set. So, if you are looking forward to catching up on the comedy before it returns to Showtime in Season 3, the DVD set is a good chance.

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