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Horror and suspense are making a comeback on television, thanks to dramas like American Horror Story, Bates Motel, and Hannibal. Last year, a limited series based on the popular film The Exorcist was shopped to the various networks. It would have been a fine time to add another horror tale to a growing genre, but unfortunately, that project was scrapped. Now an Exorcist drama is being shopped to the networks, and this time around the producers are hoping for different results.

While the company Morgan Creek and The Ring’s Roy Lee are still behind the drama, a few changes have been made on the project this time around. No longer is the Exorcist being touted as a limited series; instead it seems be an actual drama with a continuing storyline. Additionally, last time around Martha Marcy May Marlene writer Sean Durkin was on board to pen the drama. This time around, screenwriter Jeremy Slater has been signed on to write the drama.

Released 40 years ago, William Friedkin’s The Exorcist has become a cultural phenomenon, resonating as a scary movie for audiences of many different ages, and spawning several sequels. The format of the original film tells a fairly self-contained story, but theoretically there should be a myriad of ways to continue to flesh out a story about demons, possession, and exorcisms. If I were writing the project, I would follow one exorcist who travels around the world ridding people of demons, but Morgan Creek may have something different in mind. If you’ve sort-of forgotten the premise of the original film, you can check out some footage from the flick, below.

Before Morgan Creek and co. can move forward with the drama, they’ll have to land at a network. Deadline first reported the news, noting that there is interest this time around from both cable and broadcast networks. I normally would be more inclined to believe that The Exorcist would make for a better cable drama than for network television. Regardless, network TV has been amping up the creep and violence factor recently with the aforementioned Hannibal and The Following. As long as this one doesn’t go to the dreadfully bland CBS, it could be really great.

Clearly, The Exorcist is still in the very earliest stages and we’ll keep you posted if the project moves forward on network or cable TV. In the meantime, if you are looking for a little horror over the next couple of months, the new season of AHS, subtitled Coven, is set to hit the schedule in October, and FX is already putting together plenty of promotions in support of the series. Additionally, NBC has a brand new series, Dracula, hitting the schedule this fall.

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