F. Murray Abraham Will Guest Star On Elementary

F. Murray Abraham is headed to CBS to hop into an episode of the network’s hit freshman crime drama, Elementary. Abraham is no stranger to crime dramas, having played characters on both Homeland and Law & Order: Criminal Intent in the past. This time around, he’ll play a wily hitman who may meet his match in Sherlock Holmes.

Abraham is set to appear in Elementary in a May episode. His hitman character will be known as “The Actuary” and his M.O. will be to kill individuals in ways that make the death look like an accident or even a peaceful passing. However, Holmes is not so easily deceived. According to THR, Holmes will investigate one of The Actuary’s deaths and see it for what it is, thus forcing him to hunt down the hitman. More importantly, hunting the hitman will bring Holmes one step closer to Moriarty. That’s a cat and mouse game that sounds like it will be worth watching.

Abraham’s guest spot seems like its coming pretty late in the season and I’m wondering if he’s signed on for one of the extra episodes that CBS added to Elementary's schedule back in November. Despite having markedly low post-Super Bowl ratings, Elementary has been doing well throughout the year and should be sticking around for another season. I’m just happy the Oscar-winning Abraham will get a small piece of the pie.

We’ll let you know when CBS makes a final decision on cancellations and renewals for next year.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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