Elementary Earns Extra Episodes While Vegas' Episode Count Drops

Just a few weeks ago, things were looking peachy keen for two of CBS’ freshman dramas. Both Elementary and Vegas were given full season orders, bringing both shows to a neat and tidy 22-episodes. Now, CBS has decided to pull favorites with the two programs and is adding episodes to one show and retracting episodes from another.

Despite initially pulling in slightly lower ratings than Vegas, Elementary has been strong and steady over the last several weeks. Couple that with the show’s fairly high pull in the 18-49 demographic, and it’s easy to see why CBS might want to extend Elementary’s first season. Deadline is reporting that on Thursday the network added two additional episodes to the Sherlock Holmes-based show, which will bring the total episode count up to 24. The show recently nabbed the post-Superbowl slot, and one of the extra episodes will fit nicely into that hour-long space.

Unfortunately, bad news often follows good news, and with Elementary’s move to a 24-episode schedule, CBS has rescinded some of Vegas’ original content. Vegas has been cut down from 22 to 21 episodes, which isn’t a huge deal, but is probably a little disheartening for the show’s creative team. It does mean that CBS has clearly picked favorites among these two freshman shows, and Vegas may not be on quite as solid ground as it was just a few weeks ago. So, if you like Vegas, now would be a good time to start tuning in regularly.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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