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If you loved the film Avatar and particularly the gorgeous backdrop that was Pandora, you’ll want to check out FX this weekend as the network is set to air a special on the making of the fictional world of Pandora.

Set to air on FX on Saturday, January 16th at 11:00pm e/p, Avatar: Creating the World of Pandora will give fans of the the film (and special-effects junkies) a behind the scenes look at what it took to create the beautiful, 3D backdrop that was the setting for James Cameron’s Avatar.

According to FX’s release on the special, “James Cameron and the cast and crew of Avatar reveal how ground-breaking advances in performance capture and 3D created the lush world of Pandora and the most photo-realistic computer-generated characters yet seen on film.”

This special sounds interesting and may also serve to satiate the cravings of fans who can’t get enough of the visually stunning (and in my opinion, surprisingly emotional) film.

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