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Based on the promos for this Sunday night's episode of Family Guy, the Fox animated comedy series will be parodying the 2008 action thriller Taken. Playing the "Kim" of the story, is Meg. But she may be in trouble because Peter is no Bryan Mills. Fortunately, the clip we have from the episode gives us hope that someone will rescue her.

The promo for this Sunday's episode of Family Guy, "Leggo My Meg-O," show Peter having a very familiar conversation. If you've seen Taken, then surely you remember the intense scene in which Liam Neeson quietly warns the people who've kidnapped his daughter that he has a "particular set of skills" and if they don't give her back, they'll regret it. Well… Peter's conversation goes a little bit differently…

Just in case Peter's "two dollars and a wrist watch" (or one of the offered items) isn't enough to buy back Meg, it looks like Stewie and Brian may have a back-up plan… if they can sort out the funding.

Will Brian and Stewie be able to get Meg back? We don't know the answer to that yet, but based on this photo, their adventure involves mustaches.

Family Guy airs Sunday at 9/8c on Fox.

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