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The video below contains nudity and sexual content, which may be considered NSFW.

You know that uncomfortable moment when your Dad walks into the room while you're watching one of the most awkward sex scenes of HBO's Girls, and uses it as an opportunity to talk to you about your right to speak up because it's "your body"? Ok, maybe that never happens to you, but the scenario sure is funny and HBO's not above using it to promote their HBO Go streaming video service.

The Girls promo is one of numerous ads presumablyseeking to target young adult viewers who might prefer their HBO without running commentary from Mom and Dad. Of course, the privacy aspect surely applies as much to parents who might want to indulge in one of the network's racier dramas away from their kids, who might be too young for these series. However, these promos actually emphasize the range of interest among older and younger adults for their dramas, in addition to showcasing the privacy perk to streaming HBO series' online as opposed to watching them through your cable provider.

Here's one for Game of Thrones, which apparently might star Paul Rudd (not really):

And who knew Game of Thrones might inspire your parents to reveal some unwanted information about your relatives?

Or that Girls might reveal just how openminded Mom is...

"A bi-person."

It's not all about Girls and Game of Thrones though. Curb Your Enthusiasm has these parents really feeling the love...

While True Detective prompts uncomfortable discussion about loyalty and Dad's work trips...

And not to be left out, there's True Blood (also somewhat NSFW)...

No words necessary.

David Shane directed these new promos, which not only seem to emphasize just how racy things are over at HBO, but also just how convenient HBO Go is for young adults not interested in what their parents have to say about them while they're watching.

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