Fear The Walking Dead's Colman Domingo Reveals Strand's Biggest Weapon

Fear The Walking Dead is knee deep into its second season on AMC, and thing are quickly turning into pure chaos. Our group of survivors is sailing on the high seas, encountering a ton of threats, both human and undead. One of the only characters who seems to understand how dire their situation truly is would be the mysterious Victor Strand. He’s the captain of The Abigail, has a ton of resources at his disposal, and gets just how dangerous other humans are during the apocalypse. Now the question is: what other weapons and tricks does Strand have up his designer sleeve? 

Actor Victor Colman Domingo, who plays Mr. Strand in Fear The Walking Dead, recently opened up to Comicbook.com regarding what the ambiguous character will use as his main weapon.

Strand is like peeling open an onion to get to the core. We'll find out what Strand is made of. I don't know how well his fighting ability is. He'll hustle you with words and social climbing, economics, and I think there's fight in him but he battles with his greatest weapon: his tongue.

Well that’s different from what The Walking Dead fans are used to. Daryl has his crossbow, Michonne has her katana, and now Strand has his… tongue?

Victor Stand certainly has used his sharp tongue and wit to maintain power this season in Fear The Walking Dead. He and Madison have been fighting for the leadership position in the group, with their ideals contrasting each other. Madison and her family want to save as many people as possible and take them aboard The Abigail. Conversely, Strand is refusing to share their limited food, water, and space with strangers who may complicate their situation further. His forceful way of speaking to the rest of the group has successfully kept him at the top of the power rankings. At least for now.

Of course, we’ve seen some of Strand’s physical strength as well. He proved that he is a good shot in Season 1’s finale when he and Nick were attempting to escape the government facility. He successfully takes down a few walkers with a handgun, alongside the rest of the group. Additionally, he apparently is comfortable with certain hand to hand weapons, as he uses a machete to cut the rope that was dragging Alex and Jake’s raft behind them last episode. 

Strand is arguably the most captivating character in Fear The Walking Dead. He and Daniel Salazar seem to be the most equipped for the the cutthroat nature of the new world. While the two don’t trust each other currently, they could very well emerge as leaders of the group, as well as the two who are willing to kill other people in order to ensure their continued survival. 

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Fear the Walking Dead airs Sunday on AMC.

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