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Fear The Walking Dead's Flight 462 Is Finally About To Be Relevant

Last year, AMC took a chance and gave the go-ahead for Flight 462, a Fear the Walking Dead tie-in shortform series that would not only tell a standalone story but also introduce a new character to the hour-long drama. There were two Flight 462 survivors by the end, Charlie and Jake, and this weekend’s episode is when we’ll finally get to see the aftermath of their plane crash.

With Charlie and Jake buckled into the descending plane, Flight 462 came to an end on April 3, when it aired during the polarizing Season 6 finale of The Walking Dead. In that installment, Nick is walking around and sees the plane going down, and Fear the Walking Dead’s next episode will also show viewers the wrecked fuselage, as well as bringing Charlie and Jake into the fold, as shown in the previews.

But if we’re being realistic, things do not look as good for Jake, played by recurring iZombie actor Brendan Meyer, as they do for Charlie, played by former Underemployed actress Michelle Ang. He’s all burned up and laying in a raft not saying anything, while Charlie clearly has the energy to move the raft around and run away from zombies. The early Flight 462 reports said that at least one of the characters would head to Fear the Walking Dead, so getting Jake in there just to die quickly is a way to extend that “at least” part. These two were the most enjoyable of the bunch in that mini-mini-series, so I’ll be glad to see Charlie around the core group, assuming doom doesn’t enter her life immediately.

It’s been stated time and again that there won’t be any crossovers happening between AMC’s zombie dramas, but at least Flight 642 aired during commercial breaks for The Walking Dead, so it’s about as close to a legit crossover as possible. And it’ll be good to see a new character entering this slow-moving season that won’t just be immediate chow for the undead. Again, that’s said with the assumption that she lives a while. This central crew isn’t exactly known for leaving lots of living acquaintances behind.

Check out the preview for “Ouroboros “ below.

Re-introduce yourself to Charlie and Jake (thought maybe don’t get too attached to Jake) when Fear the Walking Dead airs on AMC on Sunday, April 24.

Nick Venable
Nick Venable

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