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Even though Glee continues to get attention for its depiction of gay characters, and every vampire on True Blood seems to be sleeping with everybody else regardless of gender, the number of gay, lesbian, or bisexual characters on television actually dropped this year. According to GLAAD's annual "Where We Are On TV" report, 2.9% of the regular characters on scripted TV are gay, down from an all-time high of 3.9% last year.

Fox leads the pack with 8 LGBT characters out of their 117 total series regulars-- Glee makes up half of that tally, but True Blood and Shameless are actually tied for the amount of LGBT characters on a single show, with six apiece (yes, it definitely helps that both are enormous ensemble shows). There are a lot of statistics to sift through in the full report, as GLAAD also tracks the percentage of minority, female and even disabled characters, but here's one interesting stat-- of the 19 LGBT characters who will be on TV in the upcoming season, a full 26% will be people of color. I guess they're killing all their diversity birds with one stone?

You can go here to see the full slideshow of all the LGBT characters, and share in my surprise that 10 of them are animated, and that for some reason they're counting Lloyd from Entourage, a show that is no longer on the air. Scan through the list and crunch the numbers yourself-- not only is this a comprehensive collection of LGBT characters, but a fascinating way to look at television not as a series of shows, but a collection of people living lives inside a box in your living room.