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The only thing more watchable than ID investigation TV is a drawn out, public case like Casey Anthony’s. The only thing more beguiling than a drawn out television case, is a well-written, considerate biopic of a murderer. If you’ve been keeping up with the news, you’re probably aware there are two on the forefront— The Drew Peterson Story for Lifetime and an as yet untitled Phil Spector biopic set for HBO. Check out Rob Lowe as Drew Peterson and Al Pacino as Phil Spector ahead:

I hope that’s not makeup. It’s the type of ‘stache only the likes of Jason Sudeikis might grow.

Al Pacino as Spector looks a little more authentic—I’ll just go ahead and chalk that up to a much larger budget. But part of me wishes we were catching Spector in the 2000s, when he sported that obscene fro.

If you weren’t around, or couldn’t give two shits about murder trials, Spector, of course was the legendary music producer/ idiot who supposedly held women at gunpoint when they wanted to leave his home, until one woman was shot and killed and he went to jail for murder. This coming from the man who produced Lennon’s line “instant karma’s gonna get you.” Peterson, of course, is a clown of a cop who was convicted for killing several of his wives. Both should prove to be interesting stories, but I’m guessing the music in the HBO documentary might push it into the stellar range.

Hop on over to The Wire to see the high resolution images.