It looks like Bryan Cranston’s getting the animated treatment. The Malcolm in the Middle and Breaking Bad star has loaned his voice to various animated projects, including FX’s Archer, as well as Fox’s American Dad and more recently, The Cleveland Show. We’ll also get to hear him in upcoming Madacascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted, but before that, he’ll appear (in voice) on The Simpsons.

Spoilers ahead!

?TV Line shared a photo of Cranston’s character on The Simpsons. The episode is set to air May 6 and will have Cranston voicing secret agent Stradivarius Cain, a character in a spy movie. After an incident with Marge and a head injury, Homer thinks Agent Cain is giving him husbanding tips.

Here’s a look at a very debonair looking and Simpsonified Cranston...

Sort of a James Bond thing going on there, don’t you think?

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