HBO’s upcoming movie about the losing side of the 2008 election, Game Change, has been a bit of a buzzword for several months. There’s been a slew of speculation over who would be portraying McCain’s campaign crew and what they would be wearing, and we finally have a first look at Julianne Moore, who will play Sarah Palin. Moore was the first person to be cast in Game Change, so it’s fitting we get a glimpse of her costuming early on.

While not as capably full-faced as Tina Fey, the divulged photo does prove Game Change's costuming and hair crews have their acts together. Even though the weird angle People has brought to us doesn’t give us a straight view of her face, it also looks like Moore has spent some time reworking her facial mannerisms to look like Palin. Take a look at the picture below.

I was initially concerned with the Moore casting, because she’s so slender, freckled, and not very Palin-esque. Since this picture has been released, I’ve grown more excited. Though production begins today, there’s no telling when we’ll get to see whether Moore’s performance will match her looks. Either way, with Jay Roach at the helm and Tom Hanks producing, Game Change is looking like a winner, eh?

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