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Just like Arrow, The Flash really is brimming with potential for great heroes and villains. Following word that we may be Firestorm on The Flash, comes news that Wentworth Miller has been cast to play the role of Leonard Snart, also known in the DC universe as Captain Cold, recurring nemesis to the Flash.

THR says that Wentworth Miller will guest star as Leonard Snart -- aka Captain Cold -- in the Arrow spinoff series The Flash. Miller will make his first appearance in the fourth episode. Exactly how big a role Miller's character will play in the series remains unclear, but it's a great bit of casting, especially for those of us who appreciate Wentworth Miller in Prison Break.

In addition to starring in Fox's Prison break, Miller's credits include House M.D., Joan of Arcadia, and an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. This Flash casting actually isn't Miller's first visit to the DC universe. Miller voiced the role of Slade Wilson/Deathstroke in an episode of Cartoon Network's animated series Young Justice.

So what will Leonard Snart be up to in Central City? Based on what we know of Captain Cold from the DC universe, it seems likely that he's poised to be a villain, or an antagonist at the very least. If Miller's character really is -- or will become -- Captain Cold, his powers include a freeze gun that allows him to freeze objects to absolute zero and -- uh-oh -- the ability to slow the Flash down. It certainly sounds like he's the perfect nemesis for Flash.

Captain Cold

Spinning off of CW's popular Arrow series, The Flash stars Grant Gustin as Barry Allen, a scientist who acquires superhuman speed after being zapped in a massive lightning storm. Word of Miller's casting follows confirmation that Stephen Amell's cousin Robbie Amell (The Tomorrow People) has signed on to play (half of) Firestorm. And from what THR reports, it sounds like there's a chance we'll get to meet the other half of Firestorm (Dr. Martin Stein) at some point during the series.

While it's exciting to hear of casting updates for The Flash, especially when they're connected to comic book characters, if Arrow has taught us anything, it's that the TV series follows its own path, so there's no predicting exactly how the show's characters will tie in with the comic books, and how much of the source material will be utilized with the TV show. So it'll be interesting to see how Miller's character fits into the series, and whether or not he proves to be a friend or foe -- maybe a little of both? -- to Barry Allen.

CW has The Flash lined up to air on Tuesday nights, beginning October 7.

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