The Flash Is Bringing An Arrow Villain To Central City

More and more information about The Flash continues to trickle in, and this latest report brings a previously introduced villain to the Arrow spinoff. Spoiler alert: If you don't want to know which Arrow villain will be dropping in at Central City, read no further!

Anyone have the time? Come Episode 7 of The Flash, this baddie will...

clock king

TVLine says Robert Knepper is set to reprise his role as The Clock King (William Tockman) in the seventh episode of The Flash. This fills in one more piece of the villain puzzle for the series. Just the other day, we shared the report that DC Comics mega-villain Tony Woodward (Girder) would be appearing in Episode 6 if the CW superhero series. While he's a newly introduced character to the Arrow/Flash TV universe, the Clock King was introduced in a solo episode of Arrow in Season 2, and he's the first villain to show up in both Starling and Central city.

TVLine's intel says that the Clock King won't be working alone this time around. He'll be teamed up with a new villain, though there's no mention of who that bad guy is -- Girder perhaps? There's no confirmation of who Clock King will be working, so we'll have to wait and see. And there's plenty of time to wait, as The Flash doesn't premiere on CW until October. Episode 7 will likely take place in November, at the earliest.

The Clock King actually has a pretty tragic back story in the DC comics, as his entrance into the world of villainy was due to his efforts to rob a bank to secure some money to provide for his sick sister. Things didn't work out as planned, which is often the case for villains. In the Arrow episode "Time of Death," Tockman is introduced as a high-tech villain with the ability to infiltrate just about any computer system. His appearance puts Felicity to the test, as she's determined to prove her place within Oliver's team and puts herself in danger in the process. Alas, The Clock King was eventually thwarted, and Felicity ended up taking a bullet.

What kind of damage will the Clock King do when he arrives in Central City? And will Barry & Friends be able to best him as (relatively) easy as Oliver and his team did?

Catch a glimpse of the Clock King in Arrow's "Time of Death" episode after the jump!

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