Earlier this evening, we shared the cool new Poe-ster for The Following, Fox's upcoming thriller-drama series starring Kevin Bacon and James Purefoy. And now we have an extended trailer to show you, which offers a look at some seriously suspenseful moments.

We've already seen quite a few teasers and trailers for Kevin Williamson's The Following, but this one gives us an eyeful of what the series premiere has to offer. This includes an introduction to Kevin Bacon's Ryan Hardy, a retired FBI agent who returns to the job to track down James Purefoy's Joe Carroll, a serial killer who escapes custody. As you'll see in the trailer, which comes courtesy of TVLine, this story is a bit more complex than your typical cat and mouse chase.

The trailer gives us a good introduction of Joe Carroll and Ryan Hardy and their strange history, which apparently includes Hardy sleeping with Carroll's wife. There are also some horror-movie elements thrown in and some very disturbing-looking investigation scenes. And we get a look at the creepy woman who disrobes to reveal her body covered in writing. We've seen some of these scenes previewed in previous trailers and teasers, but over all, this looks like the most suspenseful peek at the series premiere yet.

The video is labeled the "All Audience" trailer and links to Fox's site for the "Rated Intense" trailer, which you can view here. I watched both and couldn't find the difference between the two versions, but maybe I missed something. Both looked intense to me, though!

The Following premieres January 21 at 9/8c on Fox. Check out the new poster here.

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