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Forget Daryl! The Walking Dead Almost Involved Beth With This Character Instead

Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead was absolutely brutal, and left audiences and the cast alike completely heart-broken. While I’m sure you’re all still reeling from this latest punch from the writing team at The Walking Dead, distract yourself for a bit while you imagine this scenario: Rick and Beth. Rick and Beth together. What would their ship name be? Reth? Beck?

Okay, so maybe they weren’t ever going to be together together, but according to an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Andrew Lincoln actually pitched an idea to the writers that had to do with a bit of a romance between Beth and Rick. Of course, by romance, I really mean that Lincoln thought it would be cool if Beth had a crush on Rick.

I actually pitched an idea, I think in season 3. I said, “I think Beth should have a crush on Rick. And Rick doesn’t have a clue how to deal with it. And also, Carl is really upset about it. And then Hershel gets involved as well.” And everybody ignored me as usual. But I thought it was quite a good pitch.

No word if Beth would have gone up to Rick holding a sign that says, “To me, you are perfect.”

Love, Actually

I know there was a section of The Walking Dead fandom that shipped Beth and Daryl. I’ll be honest, I was never really on board with the Beth/Daryl courtship. (Caryl all the way!). I was far more of a fan of their friendship and brother/sister relationship. However, thinking of something with Rick and Beth? I think I’d be far more on board with Daryl winning her over.

Of course, Andrew Lincoln wasn’t proposing that Beth actually dated Rick, it wouldn’t have been more than a crush, but I’m still glad the writers nixed that idea. Beth certainly had a lot of teenage feelings and emotions during her first few seasons on the show, as well as some heavy ones, as we saw when she was suicidal. I feel like if the show was to add an unrequited teenage love story combined with an angry, jealous son, it would have added erroneous melodrama to the show.

However, I am getting a pretty great kick out of picturing Beth and Rick together on a typical Sunday evening, fighting off walkers; Beth singing, and Rick puttering around, worry about stuff and thangs, and trying to keep Carl in the house (I know he’s moved past his days of wandering off, but I still like to bring it up as often as I can). I love you, Andrew Lincoln, and to me, you are perfect, but I’m glad they shot you down in this case.

The Walking Dead aired its mid-season finale on Sunday, and will not return to AMC until February 8.