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Fox may have been concerned that the Thanksgiving holiday could affect ratings for the premiere of I Hate My Teenage Daughter, but that’s clearly not a concern for their returning special Mobbed. The network announced today that they’re bringing the How Mandel hosted special back just in time for Thanksgiving.

Originally, Fox had I Hate My Teenage Daughter set to premiere on November 23rd. It was believed that there was concern over the series premiere ratings due to the holiday and they’ve since moved it back to November 30th, leaving the day before Thanksgiving open for business. They’re filling the Wednesday night primetime block with an episode of The X Factor, after which Mobbed will air.

Mobbed is hosted by Howie Mandel and features a person looking to surprise someone else by presenting them with a “flash mob,” which is when people seemingly randomly break out into a choreographed dance routine en masse in a public space. The special, which aired earlier this year, featured a man who used a flash-mob to propose to his wife. The special followed the planning process, all the way through to its execution, including the proposal (and the wedding).

Putting the special on the night before Thanksgiving is a smart move. Families will be gathered together and looking for something to watch that may not require previous knowledge of the plot/story in order to follow. Variety shows and special like these are a good fit for those occasions.

Mobbed returns Wednesday, Nov. 23 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on Fox.