Most famous for writing the wonderfully smart, funny and still scary Scream (as well as its very own knock-off I Know What You Did Last Summer), Kevin Williamson is also the man behind The CW's The Vampire Diaries and The Secret Circle. As you can tell, the writer-producer seems to have a taste for the macabre, even if it is often filtered through a pretty-teenage-gloss, and it seems his new serial killing pilot isn't straying too far from his usual twisted path.

Deadline first reported that the potential new series, from Williamson's Outerbanks Entertainment and Warner Bros Television, found a put pilot commitment at Fox. The show is about an FBI agent who gets wrapped up in a case of a serial killing cult under the influence of a 'diabolical' leader. The article also explains that the cult leader uses some piece of technology in order to create in his murderous following, which might give it a science fiction twist but at the same time it kind of kills the creepiness. A Charles Manson-esque figure who uses nothing but manipulation is far scarier than some tech-psycho who uses a remote control (like The Naked Gun).

Anyway, it doesn't go into specifics but this sounds like Williamson might finally venture into the world of adults, although surely the lead will be a good looking, twenty-something. Actually, the description is so vague that we're not sure if the FBI Agent will be male or female (or the 'diabolical serial killer' for that matter) so any kind of casting speculation at this point is useless - although, with the television trend of female led action-thrillers since Buffy, and Williamson's penchant for heroines over heroes, well, you know my educated guess. This is obviously the earliest stage of development for the series to be penned and produced by KW but I'm interested in following where this show is headed.

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