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In Fox summer series news unrelated to Gordon Ramsay, the network appears to be getting into the dating scene with a new show called Take Me Out, which will premiere this June. Based on the description, the series sounds a bit more like a game show or Singled Out-type series than something more like The Bachelor

From the producers of The X Factor and American Idol, Take Me Out is an elimination-style show that has men and women looking for someone they want to date...
Filmed in front of a studio audience and comprised of four rounds, TAKE ME OUT begins with “The Flirty 30,” a group of 30 beautiful, single women in search of finding a match made in heaven. Every week, the women meet several brave bachelors who individually must impress them with their looks, personality and sense of humor. Each woman stands at a lighted podium with a switch that controls her fate for a date: if she thinks it’s a match, she keeps her light on; if her attraction has been short-circuited, then it’s lights out and she waits for the next potential Mr. Right.

While it begins with the women deciding if they’re into man in front of them, but at some point during the process, the tables turn and the man starts to do the eliminating from the selection of women whose podiums are still lit up. When it comes down to two women, the bachelor gives them a final question and decides which of the two ladies he’ll be taking out.

I’m not a fan of The Bachelor, largely because of its focus on love. I can’t say that I’m behind the idea that true love can blossom in such circumstances, especially when factoring a competition to win a person’s affections. But Take Me Out sounds like fun, and the happy couple aren’t proposing to one another. They’re going on a date. The format also sounds interesting enough, and there’s potential for some comedy here, assuming the show finds the right host and doesn’t take itself too seriously with the questions.

Speaking of host, the Fox series has yet to find one, but they are on the look-out for contestants:
TAKE ME OUT is currently looking for charming, spontaneous, fun single women and men with a competitive and outgoing spirit who know how to make a great first impression and are ready to meet their perfect match. Casting and additional information are available online at or via phone at 310-313-9100. Contestants must be 21 years of age to apply.

?Take Me Out premieres Thursday, June 7 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

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