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Theo Rossi’s Sons of Anarchy character Juice had a rough time during the last season of the FX drama series, and from the sound of it, the part he’s set to play in Fox’s Alcatraz won’t exactly be a walk in the park either.

Alcatraz spoilers ahead!

Juice was up to no good in Sons’ fourth season, and his dealings were only partially resolved by the time the season wrapped up. More drama is likely on the horizen for the SAMCRO biker at some point in the series’ future. In the meantime, fans of actor Theo Rossi will be pleased to know that he’s set to appear in a guest-starring role in an episode of Fox’s new drama Alcatraz.

Entertainment Weekly shared the news, stating that Rossi is set to appear in the tenth episode of the series, playing Sonny, “a business man with a dark side, who became ultra-violent during his stint 50 years ago at the infamous prison.”

Well, we know Rossi’s no stranger to violent roles. Is it safe to assume Rossi’s character will be one of the prisoners who resurfaces in the present day? If so, based on what we’ve seen from the show’s premiere, he may be destined for a cell in Emerson Hauser’s secret prison...