One of the shows that I was fortunate to catch at this year's Comic-Con was Fox's Terra Nova. The Steven Spielberg produced show, that shoots in absolutely gorgeous Queensland, Australia, has suffered a few delays along the way BUT those of us in attendance were treated to Part One of the two-part pilot episode. There was a lot to like about the pilot, though not without its flaws, and with the premiere getting ever closer, it's time the advertising stepped it up a notch.

A little while back, Fox released the first trailer for the series which was originally intended to debut this summer before getting pushed back to the fall. The delay was definitely a smart move because, as you can read in full in my Comic-Con liveblog/review, the FX still aren't really up to snuff. I mean, if your dinosaurs don't look as good as the ones in Jurassic Park (now pushing 18 years old) then you may want to put a little more time into the dino design. I know the comparison isn't exactly fair (with the difference between film and tv budgets, varying technologies, etc.) but I don't care. They should look 15 years better.

Well, hopefully they've used their extra time wisely to make the dinosaurs look as good as prime-time television will allow... and TVLine has the first piece of key art for the show. There were a few tongue-and-cheek posters that debuted not too long ago on THR (also included below) which I found far more effective than this 'playing-it-straight' look at the characters and the world of Terra Nova (Latin for New Land). You may notice something, or a lack of something, in the poster. Dinosaurs. Okay, there are a few flying silhouettes but I mean, no real look at the dinosaurs. Perhaps not a bad choice with all that I've been saying plus it makes you have to tune in for the reveal. Or they could be pushing the characters front and center to suggest that this is first and foremost a family drama... with Stephen Lang and a giant gun.

Check out the poster and then have a look at the first ads. Which do you prefer?

Terra Nova premieres Monday, September 26 at 8 p.m. ET on Fox. It will be a two-hour event, with Parts One and Two of the pilot airing back-to-back.

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