Frances Conroy is returning to American Horror Story for its Asylum season. The actress played a ghost in the series’ first season, which followed the Harmon family living in a haunted house, but since this season is set far before the ghost’s proposed year of death, the hit FX drama looks like it will have something else in mind for the veteran actress.

Today, creator Ryan Murphy took to Twitter to announce the news, also stating that the show will feature an upcoming battle between opposing good and evil forces, and that Conroy will choose the angelic side. All of the creepy promo videos the show has been releasing haven’t explained much about the upcoming season, and it’ll be interesting to see where Conroy fits in to the puzzle.
“Thrilled to announce Emmy nominee Frances Conroy is returning to AHS. Devils and angels this year...Frannie plays the ultimate angel.”

American Horror Story: Asylum will be set in the 1960s in an insane asylum run by Jessica Lange. Since Conroy’s Season 1 character, Moira, would have been a child during the time period when the new season airs, I’m guessing the actress will be playing a whole new character in Asylum. The only alternative I can think of is that the fact Moira sometimes appeared as an adult and sometimes as a more youthful figure will somehow be explained. It’s hard telling with this show.

In other news, Conroy should be reunited with her Six Feet Under co-star James Cromwell, who playing Dr. Arden, an employee at the asylum institution. The two actually played a married couple during part of the HBO drama, but we’ll have to wait and see if the two get much screen time together in the coming months.

American Horror Story: Asylum premieres on October 17 at 10 p.m. ET on FX.

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