Frasier Crane & Deborah Barone deliver the news?

You loved the NBC comedy 'Frasier', and you didn't want CBS' 'Everybody Loves Raymond' to end. Wouldn't it be nice if those two shows came back on the air and dominated the ratings? Of course, that's not going to happen, but how about the best of both worlds? According to Friday's Hollywood Reporter, Kelsey Grammer and Patricia Heaton will star in a new comedy on the FOX network, 'Action News.' Grammer and Heaton will star as a male and female anchor team at a local news station. The show, which received a 13-episode commitment, will presumably air in the fall, and was created by Christopher Lloyd (not Dr. Emmett Brown, though) and Steven Levitan, of 'Frasier' fame.

The show had been rumored to be a fall pick-up for the last few weeks, but it's a bit surprising to see such a definite commitment from FOX. The last big show to get a 13-episode commitment before its airing was NBC's 'Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip,' and we can see how well that's worked out for NBC. Having been a fan of 'Frasier,' I'll tune in, but I'm not too sure about how good the show will be. The writers are funny, as is Grammer, but I never thought that Patricia Heaton was spectacularly funny, or that 'Everybody Loves Raymond' was, either. Hopefully, America will be able to get past the famous characters these two actors have created in the past. Granted, seeing Frasier Crane in a local news station (which I'm pretty sure happened once) is a funny idea, so who knows? Maybe it'll work out.