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Fred Savage To Direct And Guest Star In Happy Endings? As You Wish

There are two roles Fred Savage is probably most associated with. The first, is of course, Kevin Arnold from The Wonder Years. And the second, is the kid who got to hear his grandfather read him The Princess Bride one day when he was home sick from school. While Fred Savage is known to make a TV appearance or two, these days he’s doing a lot of his work behind the camera. In the case of ABC’s returning comedy series Happy Endings, he’ll be doing a little bit of both.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Savage is set to direct another episode of ABC’s Happy Endings. Savage isn’t new to the series, as he directed the Season 1 episode of the comedy, titled “Your Couples Friends & Neighbors.” The more exciting news is that Savage will also be guest starring in the show, playing himself in an episode.

Entertainment Weekly wouldn’t give much away on what he’ll be doing but (spoiler warning!) they did say that his part involves a bad date, Alex (played by Elisha Cuthbert) and the most genius clue mentioned: “Savage providing live commentary for The Princess Bride.” Haven’t seen. Already love.

EW doesn't specify whether he's appearing in the same episode he's directing in. According to his IMDB credits, he's listed as the director of an episode titled "Spooky Endings." This episode wasn't among those in the first season (and it actually sounds like it could be a Halloween episode, but that's pure speculation), so assuming IMDB has their facts straight, that's the episode he's directing. Whether that's the one he appears in, remains to be seen.

Kelly West
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