Sylvester Stallone's Dog Was One Of The Factors That Nearly Split Up His Marriage. Now, There's A Happy Ending

Sylvester Stallone in Tulsa King
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Sylvester Stallone and his wife, Jennifer Flavin, were very close to getting a divorce. It was said that trouble started between the two of them after the Rocky actor got himself a new puppy. While there was originally trouble in paradise because of his new dog, this story ends happily for everyone, as Stallone, his wife and their new dog have become a family all over again.

There was a rumor that Sylvester Stallone and Jennifer Flavin were heading for a divorce after he covered up a tattoo of his wife’s face with their new dog. Now we can just toss those rumors aside, because sources told TMZ that Flavin can’t get enough of their new pup, Dwight. It was reported that originally, Flavin didn’t want a dog, especially a big rottweiler. Stallone brought the dog home anyway which caused conflict between the two. Understandably, Flavin couldn’t look at Dwight's adorable face and just walk away. Now apparently, the two of them get along great. They really do call it puppy love.

While Jennifer Flavin originally filed for divorce from Stallone, their situation proves that divorce is never an easy process. When the Tulsa King actor covered up a tattoo of his wife that was on his arm, he stated that their divorce was not over the dog, adding that he and his wife were just going in different directions. And according to Page Six, it was said the Rambo actor removed the tattoo because he was trying to refresh it, but the results were unfixable. So, he decided to replace that image with his dog instead. Fans paying attention believed their divorce was a long time coming when they also saw Flavin was spotted without wearing her wedding ring.

Like all divorces, money being mixed into an already complicated situation can cause more trouble. Money negotiations between Stallone and Flavin occurred when it was reported the two did not get a prenup, which meant millions of dollars would be split between the two of them. Their filings were placed on hold so that way they can deal with these financial arrangements in private. They also agreed it was in their “best interests” to talk about what led to the dissolution of their marriage in a dignified and amicable way. When Stallone was accused of excessive spending, he responded to those claims by saying he did no such thing. This would probably mean a limit on spending during the divorce proceedings.

But luckily, this story has a happy ending, as Stallone and his wife are back together! Even though the divorce proceedings have stopped, sources have said that the couple still needs to work through their marriage differences. They knew divorce was not the answer considering they’d been together for two decades. Dividing up their assets would be too challenging for the two of them to do, so they decided that stayng together was the best solution for everyone. It looks like some reconnecting has been in the works, as this loving couple had a night out on the town by having a dinner date at Polo Bar and attending a Ralph Lauren show with their two daughters. It looks like everything is on the right track.

While Dwight the pup may have been one of the factors for Sylvester Stallone and Jennifer Flavin separating, he was also a factor in them getting back together. To all couples out there, get yourself a dog. Chances are they'll be great motivators to keep a family together. Keep up with CinemaBlend’s new movie release schedule so you’ll be the first to know when Sylvester Stallone will be on the big screen again. Be prepared to watch him in the crime series Tulsa King premiering November 13th with your Paramount+ subscription.

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