Why Adam Pally Left The Mindy Project

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The Mindy Project faced some ups and downs during its early years on the airwaves, including a cancellation from Fox and a move to Hulu. One of the best changes to the original formula came when Adam Pally joined the cast in Season 2 as the absurdly bro-tastic gynecologist Peter Prentice. Against all odds, Peter and Mindy became very close friends, and the dynamic of the show changed entirely when Pally left the series in Season 3. Now, Pally has come out and explained why he moved on from The Mindy Project, sayng this:

You know, I loved my time on The Mindy Project so much. It was only supposed to be half a year. It was really only supposed to be one episode, and then it became three episodes, and then it became half a year, and then it became a year and a half, and then it became two years. And I loved every second, anfud I'm indebted to Mindy for my career, really. She really breathed the second life into my career. At the time it was over, I had done five years straight of 22 episodes of network television, and I was a little burnt, and I wanted to do indie movies. And so I went and I did, and Mindy was totally fine with it. Which, not a lot of bosses would be.

Adam Pally was a pretty familiar face on the sitcom circuit by the time he left The Mindy Project. He spent three years on ABC as Max on Happy Endings, then moved right to Fox for The Mindy Project. Pally brought the laughs on a regular basis in both roles, but the five years of sitcom work evidently took a lot out of the actor. His reveal to The A.V. Club that he departed The Mindy Project to focus on indie movies makes a lot of sense, all things considered. I know I can't blame the guy for wanting a break from TV. Kudos to Mindy Kaling for giving him the leeway to pursue his interests rather than locking him into The Mindy Project.

Of course, Adam Pally did return to The Mindy Project a handful of times after leaving as a regular in 2015, and his guest spots were always fun for folks who were missing the antics of Peter Prentice. Unfortunately for any who were hoping that he'd be back on a more regular basis in any potential future seasons, Pally may be too busy on another show to drop by Hulu for Mindy in the near future. He is currently starring with Leighton Meester in the new Fox sitcom Making History, which will make its primetime debut on March 5.

In Making History, Pally plays a guy named Dan, who discovers a duffel bag that is actually a time machine. Dan uses the duffel time machine to travel back to the late 18th century, where he falls in love with Paul Revere's daughter. The series was originally ordered for a first season of 13 episodes, but scheduling issues forced Fox to cut the order down to nine. We'll have to wait and see how Pally fares with his nine-episode first season back on the small screen.

Tune in to Fox at 8:30 p.m. ET on Sunday, March 5 to catch the series premiere of Making History, and don't forget to take a look at our midseason TV premiere schedule.

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