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Fringe Season 4 Finale Extended Movie Trailer: Brave New World

With the return of many programs, including Fringe, still up in the air we wrote a piece called "Save These Shows" which, just as it sounds, was a plea to the networks to give deserving 'bubble' shows another chance. Well, Fox preempted the argument for Fringe by announcing that the best science fiction series on television in some time was indeed renewed for Season 5. So, the plea to save it quickly became "Fox Saves Fringe: And Why That's A Good Thing", more of a love letter to the series than a slap in the face for Fox since they already got the message and have been quite supportive of the series.

Fringe also celebrated their new extended lease on life with a Season 5 promo providing a special trip down memory lane that catches us up to to the present. And, now that they know which ending to move forward with, the fourth season finale of Fringe is set in stone, and the second and final part of "Brave New World" is ready to air on Friday. That means it's also time to promote it, and to offer the epic conclusion its proper due, Fox has released a full cinematic trailer for the final episode of the fourth season. Take a look.

Clearly there was a lot of footage for the first part as well, so the trailer serves more as a promo for the entire, two-hour finale than just Friday's "Brave New World Part 2." There were still quite a few grabbing glimpses at this coming week and we were even offered a look at Walter and Belly in the latter's new idyllic universe. Man, this show is crazy amazing. There was also a similar cinematic trailer released for the third season finale "The Day We Died," which contained a bit of audio at the end that when played in reverse said, “you were right.” And in a similar vein, at the end of this "BNW" spot there is also a bit of reversed dialogue... "it is impossible." Take that as you will.

The Season 4 finale of Fringe titled "Brave New World: Part II" airs Friday night, May 11 at 9 p.m. ET on Fox.