Funny Breaking Bad Fan Poster Teases A Spring Break Comedy

Remember the episode of Breaking Bad when Walt and Jesse celebrated Spring Break together? Right, that one never happened. There hasn't been much time for partying, what with all the meth dealing, murdering and DEA-dodging. But it looks like a fan out there came up with a poster to sell the concept of a Breaking Bad movie with a Spring Break twist.

Star Aaron Paul Tweeted this poster, which is fan made (Vulture credits John DeFreest) and features Walt and Jesse looking especially happy above the title Breaking Buds. Paul's Tweet jokes, "Breaking Bad movie comes out next summer!!!" (Though the poster says Summer 2012)

Yeah, bitch! Spring Break!

Given the direction things have been heading for Walt and Jesse over the last season or two, it's hard to picture the duo partying it up in Cancun (or wherever it is the kids are going these days). Still, I appreciate the late-80's-ish font and coloring of the poster. It gives it a sort of Weekend at Bernies/Cocktail look to it. And there's a sort of goofy humor to it that definitely works as a contrast to the dark nature of the series, which only seems to get darker with each passing episode.

For a preview of what's actually coming up in Breaking Bad, check out the videos for "Say My Name" here.

Kelly West
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