Funny or Die Animates Larry David's Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! Holidays are a time for family but that doesn't mean they are always a time of civility. Often quite the opposite. It can be a pretty potent potion when blood relations mix on these special, but thankfully spread out, occasions and, as you can probably imagine, things tended to get a little heated at the David household during the holidays. Here's a taste with Larry David's Thanksgiving Special for Funny or Die...

We shouldn't be surprised that the man who created 'Festivus for the rest of us' went through some especially rowdy Thanksgivings (as well as Chanukahs, Purims, etc.) in Brooklyn growing up. I love the inclusion of 'Uncle Leo' to see just how much of an inspiration his life was for various characters in Seinfeld and I probably wasn't the only one picturing Len Lesser at the table. Or Shelley Berman as his father for that matter, thanks to years of watching Curb Your Enthusiasm.

I'd also be lying if I didn't admit that Sascha Ciezata's animated short didn't remind me of home. Again, Happy Thanksgiving. May it be as spirited and entertaining as the Davids as well as over quickly.