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Futurama fans will be happy to know that, in addition to the new episodes set to air this summer, Comedy Central is currently working out a deal for another season for the animated series. Should everything go according to plan, Futurama’s seventh season will consist of 26 episodes.

Comedy Central brought the animated series by Matt Groening and David X. Cohen back to life six years after Fox cancelled it and according to Deadline, the first half of the show’s sixth season averaged 2.5 million viewers on the cable channel. Thirteen episodes have aired already for Season 6, and thirteen more will air this summer. Deadline states that Season 7 will also be split in half, with thirteen episodes set to air in 2012 and the other thirteen airing 2013.

It’s a mark of how devoted the fans are that this show was even brought back, let alone that it’s seen strong numbers since its revival. Fans who’ve actively supported the series over the years can now reap the benefits of their devotion with new episodes over the next couple of years.