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There’s good news for Game of Thrones fans on the horizon today. On Thursday, the cast of HBO’s hit show finished playing a game of contracts with the hit subscription cable service, working out deals which include options for a seventh season, should the hit series continue moving forward. Which, I mean, should be a no brainer, provided the creative team’s ultimate plan isn’t to have Dany’s dragons cause terror and literally kill everyone at the end of Season 6.

If you’ve been keeping up with Game of Thrones, you should know that HBO will be airing Season 5 this coming spring. Additionally, HBO has shown an incredible amount of faith and regard in its ratings winner and critically acclaimed show. Way back in April—just a couple of days after Season 4 premiered—the network renewed Game of Thrones for not one more season, but two. At the time, the cast was contracted through a potential sixth season, but these contract renewals give the showrunners a little more wiggle room.

Apparently, contracts are given out on the show in a tiered system, with an “A” tier negotiating together and “B” tier negotiating for smaller numbers. There’s also a third tier for the smallest recurring roles on the show. According to THR, the top tier includes people like Kit Harington, Emilia Clarke, Lena Headey and Peter Dinklage while the second tier includes Natalie Dormer and Sophie Turner, among others. Obviously, these contracts will be null and void if the characters are killed off, so I wouldn’t exactly call them ironclad.

The show has been doing incredibly well for HBO, setting ratings records and piracy records alike. It makes sense that the cast would want to renegotiate for more money. It also makes sense that HBO would want to ensure at least most of the actors are signed on through Season 7 (although death comes swiftly on Game of Thrones and who knows what will happen once the writers get beyond the confines of the books).

At the end of the day, we can only look forward to Season 5, a season that will take us to Dorne and will let us walk in Cersei’s shoes. But at least we can rest easy knowing that Game of Thrones plans to make it into Season 7, even if some of our favorite characters don’t.

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