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It’s a day that ends in Y, which means it’s time for the next Game of Thrones rumor and/or casting announcement. This one falls someplace in between. We have strong evidence that an actor has joined the show, so it’s something more than a rumor, but we don’t know who the actor will be playing. Thrones has been added to the acting resume of Richard E. Grant, but unfortunately he hasn't shared any details about his upcoming role.

Game of Thrones news site Watchers on the Wall found the information on the C.V. of Grant's talent agency. At the top of the actor's extensive list of television work is a listing for Thrones. All things considered, it’s a fairly reliable source. Grant is a professional actor who wouldn’t go around putting his name on shows he wasn’t locked into doing. He doesn’t exactly need the credit as he’s been in nearly every movie and TV show ever created since the early 90s. Honestly, the biggest deal about Grant’s casting is that he hadn’t been in Game of Thrones yet. At this point we’d all just assumed he’d had a role and we forgot about it.

All this then leads to the inevitable speculation of who Grant may play. Game of Thrones has been playing fast and loose with some of their casting choices over the years, so trying to make a guess based on Grant’s similarity to a character’s description is likely a fool’s errand. But there are still a few possibilities we can play around with.

There are a couple of characters that we expect to see in the upcoming Season 6 that Grant could potentially be playing. Randyll Tarly is the head of House Tarley and the father of Samwell Tarly. Sam has spoken of his father before in the series but we have yet to have seen him at this point. Grant is about the right age to be playing Sam's father and we could see him playing the disapproving nobleman and disappointed father.

We recently learned who will be playing Euron Greyjoy, so that role is out. There are a number of other Greyjoy family members we’ve never seen however. The similarly named Aeron Greyjoy (aka The Damphair) who became a priest of the Drowned God is another possibility which has come up. Much of the Greyjoy family storyline has not been dealt with on TV, but the fact that we know we’ll see one new family member soon certainly implies that the others may also be on their way.

Whoever Grant ends up playing he makes us look forward to seeing Season 6 all the more. With a career that covers everything from L.A. Story to the Scarlet Pimpernel to Doctor Who there’s a reason Grant seems to get cast in every movie and TV show. He’s that good.

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