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Spoilers if you haven’t watched the Season 5 premiere of Game Of Thrones, yet. Major spoilers if you are planning to read the books. In either case, skedaddle out of this article and give one of our other cool stories a perusal.

A lot happened during the Season 5 opener of HBO’s hit fantasy drama Game of Thrones. Chief among these was a moment when Jon Snow’s former mentor and current frenemy Mance Rayder refused to bend the knee to Stannis Baratheon and was given a horrible death by fire because of this refusal. If you’ve read George R.R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire novels, you may already know that Mance’s death was faked by Melisandre. However, the actor who plays Mance, Ciaran Hinds, recently revealed that his character’s fate will be very different in the HBO series. Hinds replied “Yeah,” when asked if he was done with the show, continuing with:
Yeah. In the books there’s a lot more than there is in the television series. It’s impossible to recreate everything that’s in the books. You can’t be absolutely faithful to the book, and why would you want to be? It’s a different medium.

Hinds’ claims to EW following the episode are similar to the comments Michelle Fairley made after her character, Catelyn Stark, was killed off of Game of Thrones a couple of seasons ago. Mance, by far, is not as popular as the Lady Stoneheart character, but if he doesn’t appear on the show again, the drama will have to make some changes from the books.


Namely, in the books Jon Snow learns of Mance’s survival from Melisandre who tells her he switched places thanks to a magical shielding spell with a wildling named Rattleshirt, a wildling who has, conveniently popped up in a few episodes of the series. Rattleshirt-Mance later is sent on a mission to save Theon and “Arya,” who is actually Jeyne Poole. Hinds did tell the outlet that even if the plotline is eventually revisited down the road, his time on the series is over, which makes sense, considering where the books have gone.
I imagine that if Mance were to come back, like in the books, he’d come back in a different guise, as a different person—it wouldn’t involve me, probably.

Suffice to say, Ciaren Hinds’ work on the series seems to be finished, and HBO seems to want to make his character's arc different than George R.R. Martin's. There’s still plenty of intrigue to go around, however. You can catch new episodes of HBO’s Game of Thrones on Sundays at 9 p.m. ET.

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