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Sometimes geeky videos devoted to mourning the deaths of fictional characters are made by fans and passed around online. And sometimes those videos are made by the people who make the show themselves, and presented to those geeky fans as a special gift at the epicenter of all things geek, Comic-Con. During today's Game of Thrones panel in the massive Hall H, the panel made up of the show's writers and stars took a moment to say farewell to some of the characters they've lost/killed off over the years… to the inimitable tune of Boyz II Men's "How Do I Say Goodbye To Yesterday?"

If this whole idea seems familiar, it was done at Comic-Con four years ago, and for a totally different fan base, when Lost held its final Comic-Con panel.They even used the same Boyz II Men song. Enjoy the flashback below:

OK, back to Game of Thrones. This video takes the same tactic as the Lost one, getting through a lot of the minor character deaths before slowing down and getting emotional to honor some of the major losses. With a fan base that's still reeling from the brutal Red Wedding, you can imagine that there are some Game of Thrones characters whose deaths still can't be joked about (even if Arya Stark herself can get away with it). OK, fine, there's another viral video that pulled it off, but that was mostly about sticking it to George R.R. Martin for breaking our hearts over and over again.

As for the rest of the Game of Thrones panel, you can catch up on the full rundown here, including which actors read the books and which avoid them, how they kept the Red Wedding a secret, and the surprise appearance from Jason Momoa, who jumped into the panel to give his "khaleesi" a kiss right there onstage. It's all there in the liveblog!

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