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The game has begun indeed. Tonight HBO aired the first episode of the second season of Game of Thrones. Those of you who’ve read “A Clash of Kings” already know what’s ahead, but this trailer gives us a look at what’s to come in the weeks beyond tonight’s premiere episode.

It’s a bad day to be the bastard child of Robert Baratheon. What a way to close out the Season 2 premiere. There’s more carnage ahead, as evidenced in this trailer. Bran’s having dreams, there’s a struggle for the crown, people are fighting with swords, and something very bad lurks north of the wall. These aren’t exactly major spoilers, but it sure is going to be fun to see it all play out as Season 2 of Game of Thrones progresses.

The above video hints at battles and a lot of people looking determined and in some cases, angry. It’s interesting to hear Cersei pondering karma in some way. And who was the skull-faced looking person at the :48 mark? A wildling, perhaps?

Emilia Clarke's Unsettling Reaction To Daenerys' Final Game of Thrones Scene

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