Anyone catch last night's Game of Thrones? If you haven't, stop reading now, as things are about to get very spoilery! (No book spoilers ahead.)

How 'bout that wedding? I thought the real low point was that awkward bedding ritual. I was literally just commenting on how disturbing that ritual is - particularly when looking at the bride, who looked like she could be about 14 - when Robb explained and sort of defended it to his wife. Watching the bride carried off by a bunch of men, to be delivered to her wedding bed was just the beginning of disturbing for Game of Thrones last night. Looking back at Season 1, it was the penultimate episode that saw the death of Ned Stark. Those of us who've read the first book knew that was coming, and yet it was still heartbreaking to see Eddard in his final moments. I haven't read A Storm of Swords, but thanks to a number of internet commenters, I knew the Red Wedding was coming, and even that didn't really prepare me for the horror of seeing Talisa Maegyr stabbed repeatedly in the pregnant gut, Robb pelted with arrows, and Catelyn's throat slashed (after she slashed the throat of Frey's young wife.) Horrible. And it cut to black right after that, with no music over the credits, leaving our ears ringing with the sound of Catelyn's neck splitting open.

I'm thinking (hoping) hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Or a little girl scorned, in Arya's case. The young Stark was probably within shouting distance of her mother and brother when the slaughter began. And she witnessed her brother's dire wolf die. She knows what happened, and I hope she finds a way to make Filch Frey pay. As Tyrion points out in the preview for next Sunday's finale, the Northerners will never forget.

And speaking of scorned, as the preview reminds us, Ygritte may have some leftover anger after being left behind by Jon Snow. When given the choice, she chose him. He didn't choose her. Is there any fixing that for those two? Seems doubtful. We also got a look at Daenerys sending her dragons off. The women in this show really do know how to rise up and take what's theirs with fire and blood, don't they?

The Season finale of Game of Thrones airs Sunday, June 9 at 9:00 p.m. ET on HBO.

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