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Game Of Thrones Trades Tragedy For Laughs In Season 4 Blooper Video

Not only are many line readings spoiled in the video below, but also some Season 4 events, so beware.

While Sundays may be a day of rest for some, many TV fans find the nights are filled with dread and turmoil, thanks to the dark tragedies involved with shows like Game of Thrones. Thankfully, the blooper-filled video above stands In striking contrast to the mournful faces seen in the various lands of Westeros. I’m a sucker for line flubbling, and it’s all the more hilarious when some of TV’s most regal personalities are the ones making the faux pas.

The video was revealed at the beginning of the Game of Thrones panel at this year’s Comic-Con, moderated by Craig Ferguson. Stars Peter Dinklage and Lena Headey weren’t on hand for the panel, probably due to embarrassment over the bloopers. Or maybe they were just busy. I’m not starting rumors or anything.

It seems like Lord Tywin Lannister’s Charles Dance was a little taken aback by sitting in the throne that he forgot what he was talking about. He could have fooled me though. It also appears a certain Red Viper wouldn’t have even made it to his fatal battle against the Mountain, since actor Pablo Pascal almost got set aflame by a renegade torch. And the part where the guy’s ax gets stuck? I always wondered about how often that kind of thing would have occurred back in the days when those weapons were more prevalent.

Honestly, I could have spent another half-hour just watching Dinklage guffaw at things. But at least we get an amazing image for a dartboard out of the video.


The panel also drew some laughs when each cast member was asked to choose between direwolves and dragons. While most selected direwolf, Gwendolyn Christie and Rose Leslie chose “dragons,” and Pascal said, “Snake.” Crafty chap. As well, it was revealed that a filming location was lost because the property owner didn’t want to be involved with “Porn of Thrones.” I dare not pass judgment on that guy.

If you’re looking for actual news about Game of Thrones, the new additions to the Season 5 cast were revealed, and it’s a pretty stacked list. Expect more murder and intrigue when Game of Thrones returns to HBO’s Sunday nights in Spring 2015.

Nick Venable
Nick Venable

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