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Game Of Thrones Video Explores Key Scenes In Mhysa, Infographic Breaks Down Fan Social Activity

Spoilers if you aren't caught up on Game of Thrones through the end of Season 3!

Another Game of Thrones season arrived like the promised winter and left all too quickly. This is not to say that Season 3 wasn't beyond satisfying, but we want more! We have months and months to wait for the drama's return. In the meantime, the season finale is still fresh enough in our minds to reflect on how Season 3 closed out. HBO shared the video above, which has executive producers David Benioff and D.B. Weiss talking about some of the points of interest in the episode, like Tywin Lannister showing no remorse over his support and encouragement for Walder Frey to slaughter Robb Stark at the wedding. Benioff and Weiss also discuss the questionable loyalty of Roose Bolton. And then, of course, what's going on with poor Theon Greyjoy, who may have lost a part of himself, but hasn't forgotten his name. And finally, there's that big moment with Daenerys, who seems to have no trouble winning over the people wherever she goes. Mhysa, indeed!

Earlier we shared the news that the Game of Thrones Season 3 finale brought in a whopping 5.4 million total viewers. Suffice to say, the series has fans. And many of those fans are eager to check in with each episode. Social networking site Get Glue did their own tally based on the activity at their site, breaking down their user activity by the numbers. Check out the infographic below, which shows how many Get Glue users checked in for the finale and also notes the activity over the course of the season, the most talked about deaths, and - my personal favorite - the most social user-generated post - which is a pretty fantastic Lannister-related meme.

Get Glue infographic

You can find a bigger version of the infographic at

And you can read Jesse's breakdown of "Mhysa" here.

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