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Gangnam Style Makes Its Way To SNL: Watch It Here

Gangnam Style really is everywhere lately! Last week, rapper Psy made an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to show The X Factor judge Britney Spears how to perform his signature moves, and tonight, Gangnam Style took center stage for a sketch during Saturday Night Live's season premiere. Check it out ahead!

Those who tuned in for SNL's season premiere tonight had the opportunity to see how host Seth MacFarlane looks with a variety of hair styles and colors. (Or maybe I was the only one who noticed MacFarlane's myriad of hair situations.) Moving on to more interesting topics, there were a couple of musical moments during the episode, the first of which came during the opening monologue, and then there was the Lids sketch, which NBC has already put online. Check it out ahead and see MacFarlane play a friendly Lids employee, who finds the perfect way to cheer up his co-workers… Gangnam Style!

Another surprise Psy appearance! The Korean rapper, whose YouTube video has more than 180 million views, made an appearance on Ellen just last week. You can watch that video here. Hopefully NBC will make the other clips from the SNL season premiere available soon.

Update: Check out the rest of the season premiere clips here!

Kelly West
Kelly West

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