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It’s always interesting when two fandoms collide. This week, George R.R. Martin, who is notable for writing the A Song of Ice and Fire books as well as tirelessly promoting HBO’s Game of Thrones, put together some interesting advice for a popular TV series--just not the popular TV series you might guess. Instead of telling us how to secure an iron throne, he’s been busy chatting about how best to stave off zombies on AMC’s popular Walking Dead series. The answer: find a castle.
Castles! Whatever is happening in the United States during The Walking Dead, I’m sure they’re a lot better off in England because they’re in castles. If they had any brains, they’d go to the existing castles and reinforce the walls.

Seriously, the author has clearly thought this one out. During a recent interview, he went on to tell EW that there are numerous reasons why a castle is obviously a better choice than an unprotected farm, a prison and a fortified community led by an intense Governor in terms of survival. Here’s why:
They can patrol on the bulwarks. No way is a zombie [getting through]—medieval seige armies couldn’t break castles with conventional artillery, and zombies don’t use artillery. Zombies don’t build trebuchets. They don’t build siege towers. There is no way they can break into a well-defended castle.

I mean, the man’s got a point, castles were built to protect people from siege. As such, they have high walls, plenty of space, including stables to keep animals and towers to keep watch. Some of those places even have moats. I can’t think of a better way to keep out zombies than that. Unfortunately, our favorite AMC characters are living in the southern part of the United States rather than England, so the closest they are likely to come to a castle is a large plantation home, which has all the charm of a castle but none of the fortification.

No offense to Robert Kirkman and co., but I’d be interested to see what a George R.R. Martin-written episode of The Walking Dead looked like. On the other hand, that would take the author away from writing The Winds of Winter, the long-awaited sixth book in the Song of Ice and Fire franchise that will not be published in 2015, as previously hoped.

While we won’t be getting any English castles on The Walking Dead, the series does have a new spinoff already in the works. It’s West Coast-based and you can catch the first trailer on Sunday, March 29, only on AMC.

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