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New Girl's Jake Johnson Sells Superhero Project To Fox

Jake Johnson—the actor whose name is sneaky close to a crooning singer—is branching out beyond acting, although he unfortunately won’t be giving the nearest pop singers a run for their money. Instead, the New Girl actor is hoping to branch out into TV production at Fox, and Johnson is working with Ceremony writer and director Max Winkler to create the single camera comedy project The B Team.

Fox has bought the project from the duo, who will serve as co-writers. Winkler and Johnson will also executive producer the series, alongside Brian Grazer and Francie Calfo. According to Deadline, The B Team will follow a group of people who decide to be superheroes—without all of the extra special powers Marvel characters and the like are afforded. Luckily, they’re pretty smart, and will use their wit to match evildoers.

If the project goes to pilot, Winkler will also direct the pilot. If The B Team gets taken a step further and goes to series, Johnson will also get a chance to direct. This is pretty similar to the setup for another project the two recently brought to Warner Bros. The untitled mob comedy will also be directed by Winkler, should it go to pilot. Clearly with his past experience, Winkler is the better guy to direct, but only time will tell if the duo’s team-ups will be fruitful this pilot season.

TV Blend will keep you posted if The B Team gets a pilot order.

Jessica Rawden
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