Could Fox be eyeing a Thursday time slot in the future for New Girl and The Mindy Project? It’s hard to guess at whether it means anything, but the network will be giving the two comedies a chance to try out the new night in the near future. The first week of April will see both shows air on Thursday.

Tuesdays are the usual night for New Girl and Mindy, but on Tuesday, April 2nd, we’ll only be seeing a new episode of the Mindy Kaling freshman comedy. New Girl will air a rerun that night. Two days later (Thursday, April 4) we’ll get the new episode of New Girl, and we’ll also see a bonus new episode of Mindy. The episodes will air in the 9 p.m. slot, when Glee normally airs, right after a live episode of American Idol. But don’t worry Glee fans – you won’t be missing anything as a result of the two comedies landing in Glee’s timeslot for one night; the network already had a rerun scheduled for that night, so no new episode will be preempted.

EW speculates that with The Office vacating it’s place on the Thursday night schedule at the end of the season, it seems possible Fox could be considering a permanent move for its female-led comedy duo to a night with less competition. Tuesday nights put them up against some strong competitors, so it seems they could have something there - although Fox’s shows seem to be holding their own. No reason to worry about your TV-watching schedule just yet though; for now Fox promises this is just a one-time occurrence. Both shows will be right back in their regular timeslots the week after.

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