I hope New Girl’s Jess has been eating her yogurt, because he mom is showing up for the Thanksgiving episode, and she’s really big on the stuff. Season 2 of Fox’s comedy will bring in Jess’ parents to visit for the holiday, and mom is none other than Jamie Lee Curtis. Rob Reiner will take a rare step out from behind the camera to join her as Jess’ dad for the episode.

TVLine says the two big name stars have signed on for a single-episode appearance. They’ll join Rob Riggle who will also play a visiting family member in the Thanksgiving episode. Riggle is playing the part of Schmidt’s brother, who also goes by his last name. Jamie Lee Curtis plays Joan, and Rob Reiner plays Bob – the two are divorced, and Jess tries to pull off a Thanksgiving Day miracle by attempting to reunite them. Jamie Lee Curtis has just the right quirkiness required to have produced a daughter like Jess, while I can see Rob Reiner as the father who may well have been a little scarred by life in a house with the two.

Jamie Lee Curtis popped on up NCIS last year, while Rob Reiner’s last TV appearance was two years ago on 30 Rock. New Girl is set to premiere for its second season on September 25th, and has been lining up guest stars for a while now – but these are definitely the biggest names they’ve tapped yet. No air date for the episode yet, but I’d say some time around Thanksgiving is a pretty safe bet.

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