Glee Watch: Season 3, Episode 16 - Saturday Night Glee-ver

Disco boogie, Gleeks! Channeling his inner Travolta in last night's episode, Mr. Schue slowly converted the disco-hating Glee kids with the ultimate soundtrack "Saturday Night Fever" and used it to give guidance to some confused soon-to-be graduates.

The Music

Turns out Mr. Schue loves disco. (Who knew? Or I guess were we really surprised?) And he decided to use it as a tool to give Santana, Finn and Mercedes direction in their lives along with the prize of a white disco suit secretly hand-stitched by Becky. Schue gets Santana to see there is more to life than wanting fame, Finn to realize he wants to be an actor, and Mercedes to know she can make it as a singer in L.A.

The musical selections for this episode were on point. It wouldn't be a disco-themed episode without the iconic '70s song "Staying Alive." (Prayers for Bee Gees Robin Gibb who isn't doing too well at the moment.) My only suggestion would have been to incorporate Leif Garrett's "I Was Made For Dancing." Trouty Pout totally could have pulled off the '70s Leif Garrett look. Just imagine him singing "I was made for dancing.... All, all, all, all night long..." (Sorry, that's going to be stuck in your head now for a while).

YouTube Videos

Speaking of Trouty Pout, he is still holding a torch for Mercedes, and likewise for her. In a sweet gesture, he posted a YouTube video of her performing. Mercedes is touched and responds with a steamy kiss. Meanwhile another YouTube video was making the rounds at McKinley High, but this one was way more scandalous.

Editing together footage of Lord Tubbington cleaning and a sextape of Santana and Brittany, Brittany launched the video on YouTube in an effort to make Santana famous. The video was a hit with the male demographic. Oddly, Santana's reaction was much more mixed. I honestly expected her to be in full Paris Hilton mode and take advantage, but she actually has a modicum of modesty about her. Brittany, later makes it up to Santana by sending in an application (talk about a "Twilight" Edward move) to the University of Louisville where Santana gets a full cheerleading scholarship. So, Santana now has options after high school graduation. Nice, Brittany!

Finchel Update

Finchel manages to resolve its differences with Rachel agreeing to explore Finn's dreams first, and Finn realizing his dream is to become an actor and attend James Lipton's school in NYC.

Jessie St. James and Unique

Jessie St. James is back, and he's terrorizing Vocal Adrenaline as their coach. Desperate for guidance, Vocal Adrenaline member Wade goes to Kurt and Mercedes. Turns out Wade wants to be "Unique" his feminine alter ego onstage during a performance. Sue Sylvester thinks it's the perfect opportunity to undermine Vocal Adrenaline (remember she has Cheerios money on the line), and hands Porcelain and Mercedes a special pair of Janet Reno silver shoes to give to Unique. At the last minute, Kurt and Mercedes attempt to intervene, but Unique won't be held back. He gives an awesome performance (in full make-up, wig and dress) in those silvery sparklers and everyone is floored by how amazing he is.

LOL Moments

In a nod to That '70s Show (and maybe Titanic), everyone does the camera spin during Finn's song. Also Mr. Schue's New Directions Nationals diorama was hilarious, and the Janet Reno silver shoes. For some reason, whenever I hear Janet Reno I always think of Will Ferrell's SNL impersonation of her.

Memorable quotes

• Sue: "Her chagrin is limited only by the fact that she has a brain the size of a toddler's fist." Brittany: "I can show you the MRI."

• Brittany: "It tastes just like a chicken testicle."

• Puck: "Two dudes in one bed is, like, confirmed gay."

• Sue: "Let's be honest, William. You've been out of ideas since Madonna week."

Music featured

• “Boogie Shoes”

•“Disco Inferno”

•“How Deep Is Your Love"

•“If I Can't Have You”

•“More Than a Woman”

•“Night Fever"

•"Staying Alive"

•"You Should Be Dancing"

Gleeks, next week the senior good-byes begin: Kurt's dad doesn't want him to leave, Quinn works on physical therapy and it looks like the wedding has been moved up for Will and Emma!