Glee Watch: Season 4 - Sadie Hawkins

In last night’s episode, it was the McKinley High male student body's turn to sweat while the girls chose their dates for the Sadie Hawkins dance. Also Kurt begins his NYADA assimilation, and Sam finds evidence that The Warblers cheated! Let's recap, shall we?

Sadie Hawkins

Tina, a member of the Too Young to Be Bitter Club, proposes a Sadie Hawkins dance during the Student Council meeting. With prom coming up, and since most girls won't be asked, Tina theorizes that a Sadie Hawkins dance will give the ladies of McKinley High a chance to even the dating playing field. (Btw did you see Lauren Zizes is back?)

Tina's idea also helps out Finn, who has no idea what to do for lesson plans now that New Directions has nothing to work toward i.e. Nationals. Following Coach Beiste's suggestion, Finn's assigns each girl to sing a song to the guy she wants to ask to the dance.

The Dates

After Tina sings to Blaine, she asks the hair-gelled crooner to the dance. Blaine gently tells Tina no, but for an unexpected reason. Blaine is crushing hard on Sam, and he's worried that he will jeopardize their friendship. Tina, who is crushing on Blaine, totally understands. She asks Blaine again, assuring him that they'll go to the dance as best friends.

So, who asked who to the Sadie Hawkins dance? Here are the results:

-Tina asks Blaine a second time, and he says yes.

-Brittany asks Sam.

-Marley asks Jake.

-Kitty asks Jake to dump Marley. Then ends up asking Puck.

Kurt Tries to find his place

While Rachel is consumed with all things Brody, Kurt realizes he needs to make his own friends at NYADA. And the best way for Kurt Hummel to make friends is to sign up for extracurricular activities. Intrigued by the group, The Adam's Apples, Kurt considers giving show choir a chance until Rachel (during a Brody hook-up free moment) decides to throw her two cents in. She warns Kurt that show choir is the bottom rung on the NYADA ladder.

Fortunately Kurt, after meeting the Adam of Adam's Apples, who also happens to be a cute senior, doesn't take Rachel's advice and signs up. And not only does Kurt enjoy his new group, he also scores himself a date with Adam.

Rachel and Brody

I still haven't warmed up to Rachel and Brody as a couple. And I feel like she hasn't learned anything from her relationship with Finn. Instead of taking a break and staying single for a while (like Kurt said she almost got married in high school), she is moving ahead at warp speed with a guy who hooked up with her dance teacher. Miss Berry still has a lot of maturing to do. One second she's pissed that Brody is 45 minutes late to dinner, and the next she is asking him to move in with her?

The Warblers Cheated!

Sam and Blaine go to Finn with evidence that The Warblers cheated during Sectionals. Armed with 'roid coffee shop video evidence, and a Warbler Trenton's admission that Sebastian and Hunter gave everyone steroid shots, Sam tells Finn that proving that The Warblers cheated means New Directions might still have a chance.

Puck & Kitty/Marley & Jake

Kitty dangles herself like cat nip in front of Jake, promising him he'll score a Christian home run with her. All he needs to do is say the word. Conflicted (because Jake is a horny teenage boy), Jake goes to Puck for advice. Puckerman warns Jake that hooking up with Kitty will ruin any chance with Marley. So, Puck takes one for the team and goes to the dance with Kitty.

Watching the scene between Puck and Kitty, was so Quinn/Puck 2.0. And I'm not sure what to think about Kitty giving Puck props for his screen play. Is it another game she is playing or is she being genuine?

Also a side note: why didn't Lauren Zizes get up and ask Puck to dance? They were once a hot item, and she could totally kick Kitty's ass.

Meanwhile Marley admits to Jake that if it's going to work between the two of them, then he has to agree to 1. Go slow. 2. Be monogamous. So far it looks like Jake is going to try, but somehow I think Marley will end up getting hurt anyway.

LOL Moment(s)

The song selections for this episode had me cracking up. I loved the Adam's Apples singing "Baby Got Back," and "Scrubs" performed by the guys of New Directions.

Memorable Quotes

Finn: "I feel like we're the Fugees or something just bouncing around from available classroom to available classroom." Coach Beiste: "Wait, you mean like refugees?" Finn: "Yeah."

Puck: "One night with me and I'll have you studying for your Bat Mitzvah." Kitty: "Not a chance. I like bacon too much."

Sam: "Do you have any lip balm I can use?" Blaine: "What?" Sam: "Conspiracy theories make my lips get all chapped. Come on dude, it's not weird. We're like brothers."

Puck: "I had every flavor of Cheerio you can imagine. Original. Honey Nut. Did it really mean anything? No."

Music featured

“Tell Him”

“I Don’t Know How to Love Him”

“Baby Got Back”

“No Scrubs”

“Locked Out of Heaven”

“I Only Have Eyes For You”

Gleeks, next week it's an episode full of twists and turns and somehow Brittany manages to get a perfect SAT score. Can't wait to see how Glee explains that one. See you next week.