Glee Watch Season 5, Episode 5: The End of Twerk

In last night's episode, the halls (and bathroom stalls) of McKinley were filled with "twerkers," and Sue Sylvester was having none of it. Meanwhile in NYC, Kurt decided to break out of his rut with a tattoo and Rachel with a saucy wig. Let's recap, shall we?


New Directions decided to embrace Miley's trend of "twerking" and use it as part of their competition lineup. However despite being a fan of out-of-the-box Nicki Minaj, Sue Sylvester draws the line when it comes to Miley-esque twerking. She makes her rant known via a live broadcast of Sue's Corner. (By the way that creepy Ken Doll anchor always cracks me up.) Then she takes her mission back to McKinley High.

Throughout the episode Sue and Schue go head-to-head until Sue gets the upper hand by offering a bathroom key to the faculty stall for Unique in exchange for the end of twerking. Sue played dirty and Schue caved, but at least it was for a good cause.

Unisex Bathrooms

While Unique may have started a bathroom revolution, he still felt ostracized no matter what bathroom he tried to use. And I really wanted to see the boys kick those phobic jocks' asses. But Schuester and Unique took the nonviolent Gandhi approach.

And Sue's original porta potty solution? Ugh. I don't blame Unique for being icked out by that Riddler-tastic question mark mystical porta potty. Some people can't pee in a stall around other people. Can you imagine peeing (or number 2-ing) in front of an entire classroom? The only person down with that is Tina.

Rachel's Faux Bob

Now did you really think Miss Berry chopped off all of her locks? Turns out Rachel rocked a wig to her Funny Girl rehearsal to get more into character and for a change of pace. I personally thought Rachel's short bob with bangs was pretty cute.


On a roll with her wig, Rachel suggests to Kurt that they do something exciting. So the two drink Lemoncello and get tattoos. Unfortunately a typo results in a grammatically incorrect tattoo for Mr. Hummel. Instead of "It Gets Better" Kurt's tattoo says "It's Get Better." OMG! But the tattoo artist fixes it easy peasy with "It's Got Bette Midler." How awesome is that? It almost tops Johnny Depp's "Wino Forever."

Despite telling Kurt she had backed out, I had a feeling Rachel had gotten a tattoo anyway. Her tiny "Finn" tattoo was super sweet and just right.

Marley Finds Out Jake Cheated!

Well, that was quick! It took only one episode for Marley to find out that Jake got it on with Bree....multiple times! Poor Marley. On the bright side, we got an excellent rendition of Miley's "Wrecking Ball." Let's hope this opens the door for Ryder to swoop in and salvage Marley's broken heart.

LOL Moments

I have a couple for this episode. First, Blaine's twerking video. (He sure knows how to pop that booty!) And the other is Schuester pulling a Sue Sylvester tantrum. It had all the classic Sue moves: knocking stuff off desks and roaring. It was enjoyable to see Schue give Sue a taste of her own medicine.

Memorable Quotes

Will: "No one needs to know how you identify yourself. They just need to know that you washed your hands after."

Sue: "Miley Cyrus. And the genital flapping dance known as twerking that makes men and women alike look like overgrown, constipated toddlers. This vulgar, sexually explicit excuse for a dance craze has brought American culture to a new low, and that's why tonight, western Ohio, I solemnly pledge to end the pandemic of twerking once and for all. Not only will I outlaw twerking at McKinley High, but I've submitted a bill to the Ohio State Legislature banning twerking in Ohio public schools. And Hannah Montana can go back to naked straddling the three-ton wrecking ball she was clearly upsold at Home Depot as the tiny cinder block room she's elected to demolish is only about 12 square feet and already has a wall missing."

Rachel: "Okay, you know what, Kurt? You've become boring. You go to class, and then you come home, and you eat all this food and watch your stories, and you Skype with Blaine, and it's not even sexy Skyping. I know this because you just go to sleep. Same thing every day."

Music featured

"If I Were A Boy"

"Wrecking Ball"

"You Are Woman, I Am Man"

"Blurred Lines"

"On Our Way"

Gleeks, next week it's all about Billy Joel! And it looks like Trouty Pout may have a modeling opportunity in his future. See you then!