Glee Watch Season 5, Episode 4: A Katy Or A Gaga

In last night's episode, Adam Lambert made his Glee debut, Kurt decided to start a band, and the gang faced an epic question: "Are you a Katy or a Gaga?" Let's recap, shall we?

Are You a Katy or a Gaga?

Schuester found his class was divided into two groups: Katys and Gagas. So for this week's assignment, he made the Katys perform Gaga music and vice versa. I thought this was pretty cool because normally Schue would just have the groups perform their music. I like how he shook things up. Plus we got to see Blaine in a Siegfried and Roy get-up and Jake as a Thundercat.

Elliott Starchild

Back in NYC, Kurt decided to start his own band: enter American Idol alum and eyeliner master Adam Lambert who made his Glee debut last night. And can I just say I 'heart' Adam. He's the total package. He seriously should have won his season of A.I. (Kris Allen, who?)

Anyway, Lambert's Elliott Starchild was even too flamboyant for Kurt. (Who knew there was such a thing?) Turns out Kurt is going for mainstream because he wants to pay his bills, bills, bills. And honestly who can blame him? Commercial success often requires the artist to sacrifice his or her originality.

However by the end of the episode Santana and Rachel have made Kurt see the light that is Adam Lambert. At the diner, Kurt asks Elliott to join the band Pamela Landsbury. The band's name is the combo of sexy Pamela Anderson and shrewd Angela Landsbury. I wonder if band outfits will include Baywatch red bathing suits with orthopedic shoes?

Marley Can't Stop Being a Katy

Goody two shoes Marley can't go Gaga. In fact, during her group's performance she opts to wear her Katy outfit instead and gets in major trouble. Schuester suspends Marley and that isn't her only problem. Bad boy Jake is suffering from a major case of blue balls, and Cheerios captain Bree is ready to service them. We can assume that Jake got it on with Bree so where does that leave Jake and Marley now? Maybe Marley will take that pink wig and pull a Britney.

Trouty Pout and Nurse

After some miscommunication, Trouty Pout and his nurse are on the road to McKinley love which may or may not last until the end of the season.

The Performances

The Gagas' performance was definitely out there and props to Artie who went for it with the makeup. Yet, it was The Katys' stripped down number that won me over. Unique's vocals were on point, and we really got to see Kitty's vocals shine too.

The Feud Is Public

Some things never change. We've known that Sue has been gunning for the Glee club again, but finally Schuester was clued in that the feud never ended. Based on next week's preview looks like Schue is twerking Sue's last nerve. Haha.

LOL Moments

I loved Becky's Gaga outfit. And when she did the morning announcements I couldn't stop laughing.

Memorable Quotes

Sue: "Oh, please let it be another Journey song! There's got to be another one left!"

Jake: "Seriously. I look like a gay Thundercat."

Unique: "I know he loves you and you love him, but that pre-Bree she is poison. That girl is whack like crack, a penis fly trap. Marley, she will chew him up. Hashtag preach."

Sue: "Before Katy versus Gaga it was Jackie versus Marilyn, Betty versus Veronica. Mary Todd Lincoln versus Martha Washington. Why must we always choose between female pop archetypes? Why can't we just be them all?"

Music featured



"Wide Awake"

"Marry the Night"

Gleeks, next week it looks like McKinley High will be twerking like Miley. See you then!